Data Entry Practice

Earn Rs.10 per data entry. You can start doing your task below.

Instructions for Data Entry Task

What is Data Entry Practice Task?

In data entry practice task you can practice and improve your data entry skills. You can type or copy the sample data given and enter them in their respective fields.

How to do Data entry Practice Task?

Copy and paste is your only task, Copy the form fields and values given at the top of the page and paste them on the data entry forms. Submit the data rows in the correct order as given, do not change the order otherwise it will show error. After completing the task, you will earn credits.

What Category data entries i will be getting?

You will have to fill data entry categories like Resume, Cars, Insurance, Loan, Credit.....etc

How much will i earn per data entry form and how many data entries should in a day?

You can earn 10 credits per every successful data entry, you can do any number of data entries that are available in a day. Just login to your account every day, check the number of data entry forms available, submit them and get credits.

How much time do you need to give credits?

It only takes a second to apply your credits. Validation process is fully automated. credits will be updated in your account balance immediately after completing the task successfully.

What if i make errors in my data entry?

You will not get credits if you make errors in the data entry, however you can retry and fix the errors, you will get 3 attempts to complete the data entry task successfully. If you are not able to complete the work successfully within 3 attempts, you may continue to other tasks in the website or comeback next day to start again.

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