Job Description:
Sending sms or messages is the most easiest thing that we ever do, In this job, just you have to send sms from our portal to our clients. Login to your member area, copy message text given to you, paste it on the sms portal and send them to our clients. Message text, client numbers and target details will be given to you.

Earn for Processing SMS Successfully.

Process up to 1500 SMS per day.


  • Basic Mobile knowledge is enough for this job.
  • No need any typing skills.
  • Send sms from our own portal not from your mobile.
  • No Minimum Number of work to be done in a day.
  • Send up to 1500 SMS per day.
  • No Registration fees.
  • Earnings will be credited in 1 to 2 hours.
  • Check reports and earning details in the member area 24 x 7.

What is SMS Sending Job?
Sending Marketing Bulk SMS to our clients mobile from our web portal is SMS Sending Job. Work data and instructions will be given to you in the member area, you can do the task accordingly. You will earn money for each and every SMS that you process successfully.

Why Client's mobile numbers are not visible?
Our Client's mobile numbers are hidden for security purpose, so you cannot view their mobile numbers, just you need to select their names and send SMS.

what is meant by Target in the SMS Section?
Target refers to city-wise and Age-wise taget, when target is assigned to a task, you have to process it as instructed. For example, Send SMS to only Delhi Clients or Send SMS all Clients under Age 50. City-wise and Age-wise Target filters are available in the member area, you have to select them and process it carefully.

DO i need any skills for this job?
No skills are required for SMS sending job, your basic mobile knowledge is sufficient to send bulk marketing SMS from our portal.

Should i send SMS from my mobile's message section?
No you cannot send SMS from your mobile's message section, you can only send SMS from Online Portal. However you can operate our web portal from your mobile browser.

Is there any accuracy required in SMS Sending Job.?
Yes, you would need to send the messages to the right target people mentioned on the instructions part. If there is any mistake, you will not be paid.

How many SMS can i process per day?
You can process up to 1500 SMS per day, you will be paid for every Successful SMS.

How much time does it take to send an SMS?
It takes only 1 to 2 seconds to process an SMS.

Do i need to buy any software for sending SMS?
No, our web portal is enable with all SMS Sending features, so you don't need any software to send SMS.

When will get paid after Sending an SMS?
You will earn money immediately once the SMS gets delivered to our client's mobile.

What type of SMS will be given to me?
Marketing messages of different products will be given to you. You can select any product that you wish and process them as per the instructions provided.

Do i need to pay anything to join Form filling Job?
No, You do not have to pay anything related to Form filling Job, It is 100% free to join and work.


Earnings Per SMS: Varies from one task to other.

Maximum NO. OF SMS Per day: 1500 SMS

No Minimum NO. OF SMS Per Day.


  • Minimum Payout: Based on Employer

  • Payment Release: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

  • You will be paid only by us and not by any 3rd party

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or PayPal.


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